Periodontal Therapy Overview

At Authentic Smiles of Austin, TX, we are dedicated to using the latest technologies and innovations in order to provide our patients with the best outcomes possible. Though we do cosmetic and general dentistry, one area where technology has delivered a tremendous improvement in treatment is periodontal therapy.

As a preferred dentist in Austin, TX, we emphasize the importance of periodontics. The treatment of gum disease is at the heart of this specialization, and gum disease is a very serious matter. Many studies have demonstrated that gum disease has an impact on general health, with ties to the development of such issues as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more.

Visiting our periodontist is a good way to ensure your bodily health is at peak levels. However, periodontal therapy is also the one way to be sure you are able to retain all of your adult teeth, which is another key to optimal health and quality of life as you age. Without your teeth, you may sustain bone and tissue loss, eat a substandard diet, and suffer low self-esteem. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to have regular checkups and cleanings, and get periodontal therapy if that is deemed necessary.

What, precisely, is periodontal therapy? In our office, it is not just one treatment or method. While the usual treatments that are known as scaling and planing are used to eliminate and treat surface issues and plaque, we also address the presence of gum disease with much more high-tech solutions:

  • We use oral DNA testing that is an in-office test which identifies if you carry specific markers that can leave you prone to developing gum disease
  • We rely on periodontal laser therapy that can handle the removal of tissue if that is the best way to eliminate infection and halt the spread of the disease
  • We can supply Perio Protect, a specialized oral appliance that locks medicine deep in the gum line and helps to more rapidly overcome infection and keep the antimicrobial medication in contact with the gum and bone affected
  • We use FDA approved Arestin periodontal therapy that painlessly sits in the pockets of infection beneath the gumline, using a special microsphere design to release antibiotics necessary to destroy bacteria affecting your teeth and gums

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