Gum Disease Overview

As your dentist in Austin, TX, Authentic Smiles always encourages our patients to get all of the essential preventative dental care necessary for oral health. The twice annual exams and cleanings are your frontline of defense against problems like tooth decay, TMJ or TMD, bite problems, and gum disease.

In fact, it is to avoid gum disease or periodontal disease that we most strongly encourage our patients to get regular cleanings and exams. However, if you are one of our Austin, TX patients who has developed gum disease, we offer extensive periodontal treatment and care.

How would you know you have gum disease? Sadly, it is often painless and does not provide many symptoms. Instead, it advances over the course of months or years and may cause a bit of bleeding or swelling in the gums. It could be the underlying cause for bad breath, and it also is a root cause for the movement of adult teeth. Showing one or more of those issues is often a clear indicator that gum disease is at work in your mouth.

While it will have an impact on your overall oral health, keep in mind that strong links exist between gum disease and other health concerns. Everything from stroke and heart disease to diabetes and Alzheimer’s have been shown to connect in some way to poor oral health and periodontal disease.

Our treatments for disease are effective and simple. It begins with an exam that looks for indicators that disease is present. Once we determine that you do, indeed, require periodontal treatment, we begin with a deep cleaning known as scaling and/or root planing. This addresses the teeth and the roots beneath the gum line.

Scraping away the plaque, we then deal with the pocket of infection. This may require us to use topical antibiotics along with oral antibiotic treatment. We might also use laser gum therapy if it is better to remove infected tissue. We also use a remarkably innovative solution known as Perio Protect that delivers some of the best results as it helps to kill and control bacteria that causes ongoing gum disease.

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