Treatment Plans To Address Your Concerns With A “Whole Body” Approach
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“Interprofessional Education occurs when two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care” – CAIPE 2002


At Authentic Smiles, we take a special interest in providing treatment for TMJ discomfort and Sleep Apnea. Our inter-professional relationships with many medical professionals such as ENT, Cardiologists, Nutritionists and Oral Surgeons have proven to give our patients exceptional results and have improved their quality of life.

In addition to our Sleep Apnea and Neuromuscular cases, we also provide advanced implant treatment.  Advanced implant cases include, but are not limited to areas where there is insufficient bone or space to place an implant without additional surgery. These cases are referred to a local Periodontist who we work closely with and communicate to about the specific placement and location of your implant. After surgery is completed and the area has healed, we can begin to restore the implant. Other complex implant cases can require working with an Orthodontist to create enough space between the teeth. As the restorative dentist we are constantly in contact with our specialists regarding the amount of space we need to give you an aesthetic crown resulting in the smile you desire.

Another example of a unique partnership is between Dr. Matt and Cardiologists in the community, who together work with board certified sleep specialists to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. The success of this symbiotic relationship is dependent on both professions noticing the “red flags” and referring patients to undergo sleep studies, and seek follow-up care and treatment with both the cardiologist and Dr. Matt afterwards. To learn more about sleep apnea and our relationship with other professionals, read an article published in 2013 about The Sleepiest Killer.   Using the signs and symptoms from your medical history and through our work with specialists and other health care professionals, we are able to ensure the best treatment for our patients and address each of their unique, individual needs.

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