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I saw Dr Matt in an emergency when my regular dentist was unavailable. On a Friday by himself, he repaired two broken front teeth with no knowledge or x-rays of how they appeared previously. He did a solid job that was further perfected on a subsequent visit, and has been my regular dentist ever since. His knowledge and passion of the trade is unparalleled in my experience, with an enjoyable personality that all of his staff share as well.

Misha S.

I’ve been loyal to Dr. Shane Matt at Authentic Smiles for over 13 years. He is, hands down, the best dentist in Austin. Dr. Shane Matt is extremely professional, full of knowledge, and friendly. I highly recommend Authentic Smiles.

Jay B.

I moved from Louisiana to the Austin area 13 years ago. I researched dentists in the area and found Dr.Matt. The reviews I find were all positive and since he was also from Louisiana, my decision was made. Both my husband and I are his patients. Dr. Matt is patient, friendly, keeps up with the newest advances in dentistry and genuinely cares for his patients. Mia and Tiffany are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr.Matt.

Mae Bell P.

What a breath of fresh air. Dr. Matt and Mia are pure class. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, attentive, and passionate about what they do. They actually care about their patients and continue to stay up to date with latest research and advice. That is an extreme rarity these days! They have empowered me during each visit by truly listening to my questions and providing me the information I have asked for, access to research so I can read up on more of whatever topic we are discussing for treatment, and beyond. I have a pretty complex bite that other dentists have been stumped by, but Authentic Smiles was able to see and address the complexity with a cost-effective plan, (and explained so that I understand all of it) to correct it and prevent issues from developing further down the line. They make sure you have the knowledge to make your own decisions in your treatment, and to provide comfort and confidence in their advice with the least invasive routes possible. I wouldn’t normally describe any office setting as “feels like home” but honestly, when you can trust a business, and they make you feel that welcome, what else can you ask for? They listen to what your concerns are. They always seem to be able to fit me in when it’s convenient for me, and are extremely responsive to calls and emails. If you’re considering choosing Authentic Smiles, make the appointment – you won’t regret it.

Shirin M.

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“Dr. Matt and his staff helped me in what had become a very stressful situation. I had another highly rated, experienced dentist in Austin perform a crown operation in which the resulting crown was obviously incorrectly fit. The result was that after waiting nearly a month with a temporary crown in, I had to go through the entire process again. I nearly went through with it when I found Dr. Matt. His office is not only conveniently located downtown, near where I work and live, but I was amazed to find his office has technology decades more advanced than any dentist office I’ve ever visited – and I’ve seen some fancy dental offices in San Francisco and New York. Dr. Matt is literally helping push the forefront of dental technology, and doing so in a way that makes your life better. Instead of having to wait a month for a new crown to be made, I entered his office and left with a new crown made before my very eyes by a CNC machine that milled the crown out of a block of porcelain matched to the color of my surrounding teeth. The tools he had available also caught a small well that had formed in the gum next to my prepped tooth that no other dentist could have possibly seen with their naked eye. Dr. Matt and his office aren’t just the safest, smartest bet to keep your smile healthy. They also run an amicable and approachable office. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. I will recommend them to all my friends and recommend they bring their entire families. Thank you Dr. Matt, and the Authentic Smiles team.”
-Matt W.

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“I have severe anxiety with dental visits. Dr. Matt and his staff are very understanding and patient with me, and they offer NuCalm (an alternative, drug-free sedative) that has worked well for me. They also work with CareCredit. I would highly recommend them.”
-Kellie S.

5 Star Dental Affiliate ReviewHi: I just wanted to send a message to acknowledge the great attention I received by Krystal. She is the consummate professional and I was very impressed by my visit and her experience (yesterday 1/27/2016). She was actually reviewing my records before my appointment, and was very thorough and detailed in documenting the status of my teeth and gums. She was also conscientious about other aspects of oral health beyond my teeth. She was also knowledgeable and shared this with me. I mentioned this to my husband last night, and he concurred. He had a similar experience and he similarly indicated that he was very impressed. In fact, we used to live downtown and have moved. We had contemplated switching practices, and he in particular because his work is really not near downtown (nor is our new home). However, he stated that he intended to continue to be a patient of the practice because he was so impressed with Krystal. A verbose response to write, that we were both very enamored by our experience with Krystal. Thanks for your professionalism and passion, and for really caring about your patients.
Kindest regards, E

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“I have been a patient at Authentic Smiles for about 3 years and thought it was time to write a review for this really wonderful office. I had a complete bite reconstruction because of bone loss in my jaw. Before undergoing this incredibly costly and time-consuming procedure, I did a lot a research and decided that Dr Matt’s specialized education and experience made him the right dentist for the job. The process took nearly a year to complete because every tooth was fitted with a crown or veneer, and I had several 6-hour visits, as well as loads of shorter ones. I can’t say enough great things about how Dr Matt and his staff handled this complex procedure, and all of my regular cleanings and a couple of root planings. I have always felt extremely well taken care of here, and the front desk staff, the hygienists, and Dr Matt have been conscientious about following up with me and filing my insurance claims.


At the beginning of 2013 the office began requesting payments upon completion of services, but they always file the insurance claims immediately and I get a check from my insurance company within 2-3 weeks. This has been a smooth and transparent process for me — the front desk staff are very efficient and friendly. I can highly recommend this practice whether you need extensive work or just regular cleanings.”
-Adrian R.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“Professionally speaking, Dr. Shane Matt loves nothing more than making a positive difference in people’s lives. The excellence of the work of Shane and his wonderful team is equaled only by their dedication to the well being of their clients. Whether it’s routine care or a major procedure you will get first class treatment at Authentic Smiles. I am proud to call Shane my friend and even more proud to know the genuine joy he has for helping others. He and his colleagues commitment to my family, friends, and our community is something I hold dear. You better hurry up and know it!”
-Stephen D.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“It was going to be a long hard day to get my 15 year old son to go back to a dentist-not just today, but ever. He was in enough pain to “cave in” and go and I told him Dr. Matt could fix him up! Of course Dr. Matt did fix him up nicely (no more pain) and the root canal he ended up getting didn’t even hurt! Not to mention that Kayla, the new assistant was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She walked my son and I thru the entire process of what they would be doing and it made him rest at ease. I hope that I don’t have to bring him back but if I do, I know now that he wont be reluctant. Keep up the awesome work y’all and thank you!”
-Sandra G.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“Shane Matt, D.D.S., at Authentic Smiles really knows his stuff:  he knows the history, and the fact from the fiction.  He set me on the right track.  He’s also a great guy and supportive member of the community here in Austin; the coolest dentist since Doc Holliday, really, not to mention a far superior dentist to Doc (who, let’s face it, lived in the stone age as far as dentistry was concerned).  Aside from that, the office staff are very knowledgeable and personable, and you really feel welcome and well taken care of; top notch all around.”
-Phillip G.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“Shane & Crew !!! Ur the best!—All i Could think was WOW!—Broke tooth yesterday—called, made appointment through Fae , Next Day Color matched and A perfect Smile—Quick , Painless, And Super professional & Friendly—!! My Kind & Austin’s Kind of people!–Shane’s about perfection!—–Highly recommend to any artist in the industry jus a lil bit vain—-!! Billy Young : Vocalist / Keyboardist / Songwriter”
-Young, B.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“Going to the dentist is about as scary as it gets for me but Authentic Smiles made my experience a very pleasurable one.
To start, this location was super easy to find AND they have a parking garage, which was awesome not having to circle downtown forever to find metered parking! AND THEY VALIDATE PARKING, YAY!
My first visit to Authentic, I was greeted at reception by a warm and welcoming face, Ms. Fae. She made my short wait sweet.
The interior of this place was unlike any other dentist office I’ve been to, very hip and chill.
Rebecca was the one who did my cleaning and she was very sensitive to my fears. She assured me there would be NO NEEDLES ;P The cleaning went quick and painless. The whole experience was a delightful breeze.
I had mentioned while scheduling my appointment that I was interested in purchasing whitening trays, and I was pleasantly surprised that they were ready to take home the same day of my cleaning!
All in all, it was a smooth experience and I really look forward to going back.
Also, Authentic Smiles supports music and musicians in this town, which being one myself is something I really appreciate. There was a beautiful piano that I had the pleasure of playing before heading out. Can you ask for anything more? :-)”
-Sarah R.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“I used to be so afraid of going to the dentist…
Now I really look forward to it and I recommend Dr. Matt and everyone at Authentic Smiles every chance I get. I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and had so much work to do I was down-right frightened, and my last experience was the most painful experience of my life. I had an extraction done at a very highly accredited University in early 2000, and ever since then the thought of pain and the embarrassment really was the main thing keeping me away. When I came to Authentic Smiles not only did I receive quality dental work, I experienced LITTLE TO NO PAIN through 4 root canals, another extraction, and the consequent cosmetic work it took to get me back to where I could really start taking proper care of my mouth again, and even SMILE IN PUBLIC! Since then I have had regular cleanings and a whitening (yes those hurt a bit but they minimize that as much as they can). I love the staff, am no longer even nervous to go. Really I’m usually excited because I know I have been taking better care of myself and it shows.
I really thought there was no coming back from where I had taken my teeth. These folks made me able to eat anything I wanted again, smile in mixed company anytime I wanted without thinking about it, and it was gentle. Thank you all so much!!!!”
-Jeff P.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“Dr. Matt is one of the nicest people I know.  He is very knowledgeable and a pioneer in the dental industry.  But his technical abilities do not mean he doesn’t have great “bed side manner”.  On the contrary, he genuinely wants to fix what ails you.

I had some major jaw issues.  I had been to FIVE different dentists who could not come up with a plan to alleviate my pain.  I saw Dr. Matt once and after his careful analysis, he determined the course of action to take.  After one visit, I can say that I am now pain free and my teeth are coming into alignment again!  Such relief.

Dr. Matt also cares greatly about the artistic community in Austin.  He does some great benefits and is highly involved in HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians).  His entire office is nothing but professional when it comes to work and nothing but fun when it comes to music!

I would highly recommend Dr. Matt and his entire practice to anyone.  I have done so with friends and family already!”
-Jennifer S.


5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“I moved around a lot growing up so I’ve never really had the same dentist for a long period of time. I moved to Austin and have managed to stay in one place for the last 17 years. I’ve been going to see Dr. Matt for over 10 years now and if I moved again I’d have to consider flying in to have him oversee my dental needs. He takes his time with his patients and gives them his full attention. His practice is enriched with great employees. I love the fact that they will customize how you prefer to be reminded when you have an appt. or when it’s time to get a routine cleaning. I request a text and email to help make sure I don’t miss anything. And I honestly can’t remember ever waiting in his office past the exact time of my appt. time.
He’s always approached my dental needs with great precision and he has the knowledge and skill to make anyone’s smile better. I also value his secondary passion for music. He supports programs that help musicians get the financial help they need to afford the important dental care we all need. Go see him. It will become very clear that he’s not only one of the best in his field, but he’s also a kind and carrying person who takes great pride in everything he does.”
-Jay N.

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