Overview of Teeth Whitening

If you have just completed a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, and your teeth and gums are officially in the best condition possible, it is time to consider that ideal finishing touch – teeth whitening. At Authentic Smiles in Austin, TX we offer two ways of tackling tooth whitening. Both are remarkably effective, but one relies on some time with your cosmetic dentist, and the other can be done in the comfort of your home.

Both are very effective, but our in-office teeth whitening does deliver the fastest and most distinct results. With a single office visit, your treatment with Opalescence Boost can dramatically brighten and whiten the teeth. It is not done with a complicated gel and light fixture that asks you to squint and back beneath an overly heated lamp for an hour or more. Instead, this is a unique and advanced compound that is chemically activated to achieve the best results.

As your dentist in Austin, TX, your oral health is of the utmost importance, and we chose this teeth whitening system because the compound actually maintains the health of your dental enamel throughout the entire whitening process. We apply it to your teeth and within a single hour’s time you get to enjoy the dramatic results.

If you are more confident in a take-home system, we provide several of the Opalescence options. They require customized trays that we can craft for you in our office. These are molded to your teeth and ensure that the teeth whitening comes into direct contact with the entire surface of each tooth – guaranteeing the best results.

We might also offer some pre-filled trays if this is a more appropriate teeth whitening treatment for your needs. Generally, we discuss your lifestyle and help you choose the one that is the best fit.

With the mention of lifestyle, we also make a point of reviewing some of the lifestyle choices that could lead to future staining of the teeth or to diminished results after a whitening treatment. There are some factors that you cannot control that can cause teeth to yellow or become discolored – age and time, illness or medications, and childhood issues can discolor the teeth.

However, smoking, and consuming foods or beverages prone to staining the teeth are issues that you can and should control if you hope to prolong the results of your whitening. If you drink red wine, colas, coffee or tea, it is advisable to forgo such habits or use a straw to limit contact. You should also brush after consuming such foods.

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