Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatmentbenefits of sleep apnea treatment

Abnormal pauses in your breathing as you sleep is exactly what occurs in the condition known as sleep apnea, and it is a very serious matter. This is why patients of Authentic Smiles in Austin, TX should pay a visit if they feel they may suffer from the condition. After all, the benefits of sleep apnea treatment go far beyond the elimination of snoring or simple pauses in breathing.

As your dentist in Austin, TX, we feel it is important that our patients understand that sleep apnea and snoring are not the same. In fact, snoring is often a symptom that you have one of the two forms of sleep apnea. The most common form is called OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is when soft tissue at the back of your throat lies against the other tissue, blocking your airway and causing those unhealthy pauses in breathing. For instance, patients with OSA experience snoring, but may also snort themselves awake many times at night because they are not breathing. This leads to everything from daytime fatigue to the advancement of serious medical threats such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, depression and more.

Diagnosing OSA

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of sleep apnea treatment, it has to start with diagnosis of the condition. Our patients undergo a simple sleep study as part of the initial diagnosis, and we also review any issues that may indicate a sleep apnea issue. If you are diagnosed, we can then begin to develop an appropriate treatment.

Clearly, the focus of the treatment is to ensure that your airways remain open, and though there are cumbersome machines and facial gear known as CPAP systems, our treatment is less invasive and disruptive. We rely on a special, FDA approved device that fits comfortably over your teeth and realigns the jaws. In doing this, it keeps the airways open and eliminates the blockage that would lead to an interruption in your breathing.

Obviously, the benefits of sleep apnea treatment include uninterrupted breathing and healthier sleep, but it goes beyond that alone. When you get good sleep, your overall health and wellness improve too. You will not suffer cloudy thoughts and memory issues that are so common to those who do not sleep properly, and you reduce your risk for serious medical conditions that occur with the pauses in breathing.

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