Benefits of Periodontal Therapy

Benefits of Periodontal Therapybenefits of periodontal therapy

To say that periodontal therapy is essential is not an exaggeration. The area of dentistry known as periodontics focuses on the tissue that supports the teeth. In other words, it looks at the health of the gum and bone as well as the teeth. The benefits of periodontal therapy focus on one thing: allowing you to retain your natural teeth for your entire life. At Authentic Smiles in Austin, TX, we put an emphasis on oral health and wellness, and we encourage all patients to see us as their general and cosmetic provider, but also as a periodontist.

As your dentist in Austin, TX, we provide periodontics because of the profound benefits of periodontal therapy. If you are a candidate for this treatment, it means that you have gum disease that has worsened, and is now threatening the health and wellbeing of your teeth and gums. When you undergo any of our periodontal treatments, it means you are:

Getting a very deep cleaning of the teeth and the roots

One of the main benefits of periodontal therapy is that it begins with a process described as scaling and root planing. This removes the pockets of trapped bacteria between the tooth and the gum, preventing it from harming the tooth or spreading any farther.

Restoring the health of the mouth

If left untreated, periodontal disease can cause you to experience loosening teeth and even the loss of teeth. This is incredibly detrimental to your overall health, as it can change your bite and cause you to be unable to eat, speak or look as you did before. With the deep cleaning and advanced restorative treatments, we are going to help you restore the use and health of your mouth.

Eliminates disease

If you have periodontal disease in your mouth, it is exactly as described – a disease. This can spread and cause problems in other areas of the body. One of the best benefits of periodontal therapy is that it effectively removes the disease from the body through various methods. We may do this with cleanings, with scaling and planing or even with surgical removal of some tissue. The point is that your disease is treated and your health assured.

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