Periodontal Laser Therapy

Here at Authentic Smiles, we are now able to treat periodontal disease using the most advanced technology. 

The objective of periodontal therapy is to eliminate deposits which harbor bacteria. However, it has been demonstrated that deep cleanings alone cannot completely remove all periodontal bacteria. Bacteria are capable of invading deeper into gum tissue, thus, recolonization by those bacteria remaining in pockets after deep cleaning is a problem that can be avoided with laser therapy. The laser we use emits a beam of light that targets only bacteria and diseased gum tissue leaving healthy gum tissue unharmed.Authentic Smile, Dr. Shane Matt Periodontal Laser Therapy

Do I need Periodontal Laser Therapy?

If you have been told that you have gum disease and want a non-invasive non-surgical treatment with optimal healing, then you may be a candidate for periodontal laser therapy. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by a bacterial infection. The use of lasers is a viable bactericidal treatment that targets only diseased, infected, inflamed, and necrotic gum tissues.

According to the American Academy of General Dentistry the known benefits of laser therapy include:

  • Reduces and enhances healing time after a deep cleaning
  • Eliminates bleeding of the gums
  • Disinfects the periodontal pockets
  • Minimizes soreness and swelling after deep cleaning
  • Decreases the need for surgical gum treatments
  • Reduces tooth loss from periodontal disease

Costs and Insurance Coverage

The cost of laser gum disease therapy depends entirely on the extent of your needs. Non-surgical methods are significantly less expensive than traditional periodontal surgery.

In terms of insurance, healthcare policies typically reimburse you for the most basic treatments. It’s best to get confirmation from your insurance company before you have the therapy, so you know what’s covered in your policy.

Post Laser Therapy Care

Maintaining a good oral hygiene program after you undergo any type of gum therapy is critical to avoiding a recurrence of bacteria and inflammation. Brush your teeth daily and rinse regularly with an antimicrobial product dispensed from your dental office.  Avoid or stop smoking to reduce the risk of future infections, and follow any specific instructions from your dental hygienist as closely as possible.

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Real Patient Testimonials

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“It was going to be a long hard day to get my 15 year old son to go back to a dentist-not just today, but ever. He was in enough pain to “cave in” and go and I told him Dr. Matt could fix him up! Of course Dr. Matt did fix him up nicely (no more pain) and the root canal he ended up getting didn’t even hurt! Not to mention that Kayla, the new assistant was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She walked my son and I thru the entire process of what they would be doing and it made him rest at ease. I hope that I don’t have to bring him back but if I do, I know now that he wont be reluctant. Keep up the awesome work y’all and thank you!”
-Sandra G.

Periodontal Laser Therapy
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