URGENT NOTICE – Authentic Smiles has Relocated!

Authentic Smiles has relocated! Not far, just to the edge of downtown in the Hartland building at 6th and Mopac. We have spent 11 years in our AMLI space on 2nd Street knowing that our time here would one day come to an end. We had been negotiating with AMLI for quite some time and were unable to reach an amicable agreement. Thus, Authentic Smiles has decided that an immediate move is in our best interest. We are excited about our new start and are working quickly to reorganize our schedule and ensure that our continuity of your care remains our top priority. We appreciate your patience as we reboot in our new location at 1717 West 6th Street, Suite 365.


Shane Matt, DDS

Austin Dentist Customized Treatment

At Authentic Smiles, we pride ourselves in working with various health professionals to treat the direct source of your symptoms. Dr. Shane Matt not only understands the connection between your oral and systemic health, but also embraces the advancements in technology within the changing field of dentistry and implement them within his treatment plans to address your concerns with a “whole body” approach.

Through his partnership with other healthcare providers in the community, he is setting an example as leader in the inter-professional health care delivery system in order to enrich the quality of life in their community. Our interdisciplinary approach to optimal dental health allows our patients to be treated by a team that oversees the case together, frequently communicating about the best option, and moving forward in the direction that will offer the most outstanding result.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful cosmetic smiles designed by Dr. Shane E. Matt. Read More.


Advanced Dentistry

Advanced training and technology is how we pride ourselves. Read more.


General Dentistry

Providing Austin with beautiful and healthy smiles. Read more.


Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy is available for patients with dental anxiety. Read more.

authenticsmilecanstockphoto16433642 As one of Austin’s premier downtown dental offices, Authentic Smiles provides our clients with honest, comprehensive dental care that is patient centered. We are truly passionate about raising the standard of care because we know, there’s no one treatment for every patient. Our compassionate team is ready to guide you toward an overall healthy lifestyle by using the most advanced treatments available in reconstructive, cosmetic, neuromuscular, obstructive sleep apnea and general dentistry. What this means is whether you’re looking for stress-free dental care or have a comprehensive treatment plan, rest assured our focus is to provide optimal treatment you deserve. Explore below to experience Dr. Matt’s custom smiles.

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“I actually look forward to my visits! To a dentist! Nice people where I feel like I matter.” – Peyton W. 




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