Orthodontics Overview

The area of dentistry known as orthodontics is often unfairly described as a cosmetic treatment. Though it is focused on straightening the teeth, it is much more than a cosmetic issue. At Authentic Smiles in Austin, TX, we offer a full array of orthodontics treatments to patients of all ages. This is because it is never too late to enjoy the many benefits of a straight smile, and the remedies that only a skilled orthodontist provides.

Understanding Orthodontics

Most of us understand that orthodontics involves the use of things like braces and retainers, but it is about more than an attractively aligned smile. In fact, the science of orthodontics focuses on correcting teeth and jaws that are not aligned properly. Consider that the enormous joint that connects your lower jaw to your head is known as the temporomandibular joint. It is very strong and flexible, and can move in almost any direction. Yet, a small change in your bite, such as the loss of a tooth and the shifting of the remaining teeth, can trigger pain and even malfunction in that powerful joint. At such times, a dentist would diagnose the condition and understand that it was the change in alignment that cause the trouble.

As your dentist in Austin, TX, we offer orthodontics to ensure that you have the healthiest bite possible. It is actually quite impressive to consider the many ways that bites can be “flawed”. For example, most of us know that an overbite or under bite is a problem, and can cause you to chip your teeth or unevenly wear the teeth. There are also problems when your teeth are spaced too far apart, when you have something known as an overbite, as well as something called a cross bite, and you can even have teeth appear in unusual places, which we call an abnormal eruption.

Braces and orthodontics are used to correct all of these issues, and to provide you with the healthiest and most functional bite. This will protect the jaw and the teeth, keeping everything healthy and comfortable for a much longer time than they would have been if left untreated.

We offer neuromuscular orthodontics, also known as metal braces, and other orthodontics treatments that can comfortably and effectively shift the position of your permanent teeth, and give you the healthiest and most attractive smile.

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