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officetour1-300x248Authentic Smiles offers the latest in dental technology by providing our clients with comfortable, comprehensive dental care with the most advanced treatments available in reconstruction, aesthetics, neuromuscular, orthodontics, periodontal, myofunctional therapy, sleep apnea and general dentistry. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, welcoming, patient centered environment for our clients. Dr. Shane Matt and his team work closely with each of our patients to effectively meet their goals and to help maintain healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime.  In addition, our Authentic Smiles team is very fortunate to practice jointly with varied health care professionals in order to offer our patients the best treatment options dentistry has to offer. Dr Shane Matt and his team understand the connection between your oral and systemic health and are happy to embrace your dental needs through a “whole body” approach. We invite you to contact Authentic Smiles to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shane Matt, your downtown Austin dentist. Our goal is to provide our patients with healthy, authentic, award-winning smiles.

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