Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistry
At Authentic Smiles in Austin, Texas, we want all of our patients to have the healthiest smiles possible, which is why we offer restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry restores you mouth back to health and function. First of all, once your mouth is healthy again, you will be able to eat, regain your confidence, and consider any cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dr. Matt will examine your mouth and tell you which procedures you will need to restore your smile. As a result, we offer dental implants, dental bridges, and also same day dental crowns at our Austin dentist office.

Dental Bridgesdental bridge restorative dentistry Austin

Having a missing tooth can interrupt your speech, the function of your bite, and also cause problems with your other teeth. As a result, whether you lost your tooth due to an accident or it needed to be extracted, you will need to find a solution to replace the tooth. If not, the adjacent teeth could start shifting into the empty space. This will also lead to bone mass loss in your jaw.

With a dental bridge, Dr. Matt will use either the two teeth next to your missing tooth, or dental implants as an anchor for the bridge. First of all, to prepare your mouth for the bridge, he will need to remove part of your teeth to prepare for the bridge. The bridge contains two crowns with one attached in the middle. Finally, the crowns are cemented to your teeth, with the connected tooth in the middle to form a bridge. Once cemented, your bridge will stay firmly in place unless removed by a dentist. In addition, if you are using implants as the anchors, Dr. Matt will attach the bridge to the implants.

Dental Implants

Our dentist office in Austin can provide our patients with dental implants, or the best solution for missing teeth. A dental implant is made of a titanium screw that is surgically implanted into your jaw, followed by a dental crown attached. This, as a result, provides patients with a secure and naturally looking option. The best aspect of the dental implant is the implant’s placement in the jaw. As a result, this promotes bone mass growth in your jaw, which would normally decrease with the absence of a tooth. This will keep your face looking young and your tooth secure. Once the implant is placed, it is topped with a dental crown. The crown is made to match your smile both in color and shape.

Dental Crowns

With our state of the art CEREC, you will only need one visit for your dental crowns. Dental crowns are typically used to place on top of a broken, cracked, chipped tooth or on top of a tooth after a root canal has taken place. In addition, dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic reasons like covering stubborn stains. During you visit, Dr. Matt will perform your procedure and then using the CEREC, will take digital images of your mouth that will create your crown. After choosing the correct color to match your tooth, the CEREC machine creates your dental crown. In the same day as your procedure, it is put in place so you can be on your way.

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If your smile needs restorative dentistry, contact Authentic Smiles for dental crowns, dental implants, and dental bridges in Austin. We will help you restore your smile back to health. We can be reached at 512-330-9403 or with our online contact form on our contact us page.

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Real Patient Testimonials

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“I used to be so afraid of going to the dentist…
Now I really look forward to it and I recommend Dr. Matt and everyone at Authentic Smiles every chance I get. I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and had so much work to do I was down-right frightened, and my last experience was the most painful experience of my life. I had an extraction done at a very highly accredited University in early 2000, and ever since then the thought of pain and the embarrassment really was the main thing keeping me away. When I came to Authentic Smiles not only did I receive quality dental work, I experienced LITTLE TO NO PAIN through 4 root canals, another extraction, and the consequent cosmetic work it took to get me back to where I could really start taking proper care of my mouth again, and even SMILE IN PUBLIC! Since then I have had regular cleanings and a whitening (yes those hurt a bit but they minimize that as much as they can). I love the staff, am no longer even nervous to go. Really I’m usually excited because I know I have been taking better care of myself and it shows.
I really thought there was no coming back from where I had taken my teeth. These folks made me able to eat anything I wanted again, smile in mixed company anytime I wanted without thinking about it, and it was gentle. Thank you all so much!!!!”
-Jeff P.

Restorative Dentistry
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