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General DentistryOur families mean the world to us, so why not ensure their health is taken care of? In order to remain healthy and happy, it is important to take care of your oral health, too. To help your entire family maintain healthy, glowing smiles, it is important to visit your family dentist at least twice a year.

Here are some reasons why visiting your family dentist is important.

For Prevention

Prevention is key and your family dentist can do just that! At Authentic Smiles, we can pinpoint oral health care problems before they become serious problems. Rather than waiting to see if a condition worsens, why not treat it now?

Using dental X-Rays, we can see whether permanent teeth are coming in or if wisdom teeth need to be removed. These are conditions that you may not be able to figure out on your own unless pain occurs.

For Dental Cleanings

So you brush and floss your teeth daily. That’s great, but you still will miss some important areas of your teeth. By visiting your family dentist, we can utilize our special tools to get your gums and other hard-to-reach spots. We can give your mouth a more thorough cleaning than you can do at home.

For Education

It is important to be educated on how to properly care for your teeth and gums. We are available to provide you with the right information for living a healthy lifestyle from your teeth to your heart.

Our family dentist is available to provide you with all the information you need to make sure your teeth and gums are receiving the best care possible. From proper brushing and flossing techniques to dental veneers and implants, we can work with you to keep a healthy, glowing smile for a lifetime.

Schedule your biannual visits to our family dentist in Austin today! It’s the first step in the right direction for your oral and overall health.

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Real Patient Testimonials

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review“I moved around a lot growing up so I’ve never really had the same dentist for a long period of time. I moved to Austin and have managed to stay in one place for the last 17 years. I’ve been going to see Dr. Matt for over 10 years now and if I moved again I’d have to consider flying in to have him oversee my dental needs. He takes his time with his patients and gives them his full attention. His practice is enriched with great employees. I love the fact that they will customize how you prefer to be reminded when you have an appt. or when it’s time to get a routine cleaning. I request a text and email to help make sure I don’t miss anything. And I honestly can’t remember ever waiting in his office past the exact time of my appt. time.
He’s always approached my dental needs with great precision and he has the knowledge and skill to make anyone’s smile better. I also value his secondary passion for music. He supports programs that help musicians get the financial help they need to afford the important dental care we all need. Go see him. It will become very clear that he’s not only one of the best in his field, but he’s also a kind and carrying person who takes great pride in everything he does.”
-Jay N.

Family Dentist in Austin, TX
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